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Chopping Block - for Loopdeloop

Impressive art *drools*

Thank you!



Character lineup for Boss Mountain. Here’s a process shot of these five classes we’re planning, each with unique abilities. From left to right: Fighter, Ranger, Caster, Cleric, and Rogue. 


For the first post on Boss Mountain dev-blog, I guess it’s appropriate to post a boss. Meet Skorlock the Body Scavenger.

We’re getting ready to launch our kickstarter. So I’ll be posting a bunch of game dev process updates. Up until our kickstarter is launched this will be an open blog, after that you’ll need a password after backing Boss Mountain. So until then, I hope you enjoy our process. 

Expect epic boss battles in Boss Mountain! 

We’re using Unity 3D. Let us know if you have any questions and please follow for updates!

How to defeat Skorlock: Hack away at his viscus legs which will shrink him little by little until he’s just a torso. Watch out for his arm attacks! Now you can reach the demon serpents who hold together Skorlocks heads. Kill them and Skorlock will fall to the ground loosening all the heads that come spilling out and start hopping around. Finally, hack away at the heads while avoiding getting flattened by their bounce attacks. And boom he’s finally dead; or you died and now a part of Skorlock’s eclectic body. 

Concept/blueprint to model my fighter class in Maya. I’m getting ready to launch a kickstarter for an RPG game this summer. Look forward to epic Zelda style boss fights. 

Rough sketch boss fight. 

Twisterpillar in its natural habitat. 

Level up - Learned to run.